The administration of all hosting-related details is conducted using a tool known as ‘Control Panel’. There are numerous brands which provide more or less capabilities, but in general, they all enable you to handle website files, to create email addresses and databases, to look at account usage stats or how much traffic Internet site visitors have generated. You're able to carry out these actions using buttons and menus, and you shall feel as if you’re managing your own computer system. The billing part is normally addressed via a different system, which can include domain name registrations as well - if the company offers this kind of services. Oftentimes, trouble tickets may be opened viathe exact same system, while in others, this could be performed via a different support interface, so you can end up employing three user interfaces with a single hosting account.

Multilingual Control Panel in Shared Website Hosting

If you buy a Linux shared website hosting package from our company, you shall be able to use our cutting-edge Hepsia CP, which provides all that you need to maintain your online presence from one spot. Aside from handling files, e-mails, databases and stats, you will also be able to register new domains, to renew your Internet hosting plan, to add upgrades or to contact our technical support using our integrated ticketing system with no more than a few mouse clicks and without using a different system. Drag-and-drop upload options and right-click context menus are several of the other functions which you'll be able to use. Hepsia is provided in more than 15 popular languages - Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Turkish, etc. You could also edit the color scheme and rearrange every single section of the CP to make it look the way you want it to.