Connecting to your web connect via FTP will be quick and easy. You’ll be able to upload & download files and directories with only a few mouse clicks. Besides managing the whole content, you can also offer other people access to a specific section of your web hosting account without giving them access to the hosting Control Panel where they can find private emails or other details they’re not supposed to. This can be done by creating a separate FTP account that they can use to connect only to one folder within the hosting account. Such an option is very handy if you use several web developers or if you use a web design application like FrontPage or Dreamweaver to run multiple websites at the same time, since you can have a separate FTP account for each site or each person. In this case, it is essential to be able to manage your FTP accounts without any hassle.

FTP Manager in Shared Website Hosting

If you open a shared website hosting account with us, you’ll gain access to the powerful FTP Manager tool, that’s included in our in-house developed Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. The tool includes a number of different options, besides the possibility to set up or remove FTP accounts. You’ll be able to see the access path associated with each account and by clicking on it, you can change it so that the account in question will access a different directory. Auto-config files can be downloaded too, so you won’t have to configure anything manually – you can just download the respective file for FileZilla, CyberDuck or Core FTP and run it on your personal computer. To make the management simpler, the FTP Manager will allow you to see all the FTP accounts that you’ve set up in alphabetical order, on the basis of either the username or the access path.