SMTP, which is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the software that allows you to send messages from your email addresses. Without this, you won't be able to employ email applications or webmail. After you send a message, your SMTP server creates a connection to a DNS server to learn where the e-mails for the recipient domain name are taken care of. Subsequently, it creates a connection to the remote mail server and trades details. If the recipient mailbox exists, your server sends the e-mail to the receiving POP/IMAP server and the latter brings that email to the precise mailbox in which the recipient can see it. If you wish to send emails, it is best to make certain that the website hosting company offers the service with their packages. Even if you work with an online form that website visitors use to get hold of you, you still need an active SMTP server for your hosting account for the form to function.

SMTP Server in Shared Website Hosting

Our SMTP server is accessible to all customers who have a shared website hosting plan with our company and it's an element of the standard set of services you get once you sign up, not an optional upgrade. You will find the settings you need to send e-mails in the Emails part of the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with the hosting packages, along with help articles that can explain to you how you can set up an email address in the most popular desktop and smartphone e-mail clients step-by-step. You'll also find troubleshooting instructions with typical issues and solutions if you're not able to send email messages for whatever reason. Using our services, you will be able to send emails using any app in order to use an online contact page form on your site the instant you create an email address inside your account.